The sculptural cabinet altar that encapsulates the childhood memory of my mother’s dresser. It consisted of a jumble of drawers, compartments and shelves. It was a storage for personal artifacts, jewellery as well as travel keepsakes.

This memory inspired me to design a furniture memento. Its heart lies in the drawer unit, consisting of fifteen red drawers upholstered in red velvet. It is an intimate space for storing personal valuables.

Anne's Altar Studio View Opened Anne's Altar Studio View Anne's Altar Detailed View Anne's Altar - Detail of Red Cabinets Anne's Altar for Futuro at Designblok 2022

Material: solid ash wood, poplar root veneer, brass
Surface finish: stained, matte
Color: Chinese red, St. Mary’s Blue & black gradient
Handles: ash wood & brass, old restoration technique of metal plating
Limited edition of 12 pieces.

Design: Jiri Krejcirik
Crafted: Futuro
Photo: Gabriela Knyblova, Tomas Carl Allen

Designblok Awards 2022 / The best installation / Winner

Designed & Crafted in Czech Republic.

*Price on request.

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