Nocturne. A sturdy yet melodic dining table, featuring a seamless ash wood texture.

Otherwise rather quiet, this gentle giant is three meters long. Flaunting five legs that are radically out of tune, Nocturne finds freedom in asymmetry. The powder blue shade as well as the incrustation of precious marble and granite make it the perfect libertine companion for a private residency in Prague. Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic using traditional joinery methods.

Huge solid wood dining table Monumental Light champagne luminaire Monumental dining table Monumental Light champagne Chandelier in the dark interior Custom-made wooden dining table in a european design interior Big custom-made wooden dining table in a trendy interior

Materials: solid ash wood, zinc-plated steel, marble, granite.

Design: Jiri Krejcirik

Photo: Gabriela Knyblova, BoysPlayNice

Hand-crafted in Czech Republic.

*Prices on request.

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