A limited collection piece, the Roots Altar, hides two unconventionally designed drawers for your most intimate artifacts.

The cabinet features an inactivated Reishi mycelium as well as a myriad of rare woods. Eucalyptus. Ziricote. Mahagony. Ash wood. Three types of sixty years old Burl wood veneers are inherited from the artisan’s grandpa. Secretive and sculptural, the Roots Altar draws inspiration from the forest and all of its colors and mysteries.

Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-02 detail-Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-05 detail-Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-07 detail-Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-06 detail-Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-01 detail-Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-08 detail-Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-04 detail-Roots-Altar-collector-cabinet-designed-by-Jiri-Krejcirik-09

Material: solid beech wood, cork, reishi mycelium, brass, rare veneers: eucalyptus, ziricote, mahagony, ash, various burl wood veneers.
Surface finish: stained, matte.
Color: various color gradients.
Limited edition of 12 pieces. (1/12)

Design: Jiri Krejcirik
Crafted: Futuro
Photo: Tomas Carl Allen



Designed & Crafted in Czech Republic.

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