Combining new production technologies with traditional craftsmanship of Futuro brand, the collectibles include commodes, cabinets, cupboards and shelving units.

“We knew that we had to take a step in a direction that would signify our next stage. Jiri Krejcirik seemed to be the chosen one for this purpose. He was able to understand and grasp our ‘space of knowledge’, which he transformed into bold objects that go beyond the function of utilitarian objects,” states Michal Princ and Jiří Gelnar, the founders of the Futuro.

Roots collection for Futuro - Inlaid Shelving Unit and cabinet Roots cabinet with sliding doors detail Roots cabinet with sliding doors Roots inlaid shelving unit detail Roots inlaid shelving unit

Material: various woods, mahagony veneer, ash inlaid veneer

Design: Jiri Krejcirik
Crafted: Futuro
Photo: Gabriela Knyblova

Designblok Awards 2022 / The best installation / Winner

Designed & Crafted in Czech Republic.

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