A chunky yet sleek coffee table, Rosette, draws from the aesthetics of Gothic architectonic elements.

Devoted to the German-Bohemian architect and sculptor Peter Parler, it is meticulously hand-crafted in the Czech Republic in a limited edition of ten pieces of each colour.

Rosette-coffee table Rosette-low conference table with gradient Rosette-low coffee table black and white Rosette-low conference table

Material: solid ash wood / steel alloys
Dimensions: 850 mm x 400 mm

Design: Jiri Krejcirik
Photo: Gabriela Knyblova

Limited edition of 10 pieces of each color.
Each product comes with the Certificate of Artwork Authenticity, signed and dated by the author.
Designed & meticulously hand-crafted in the Czech Republic.

*Prices and the possibility of customization on request.

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