Site-specific lighting installation, designed for Signal Festival ’19.

Order, system, unity, enforced obedience.The system binds in such a way that it is impossible to breathe, to move. Red derivatives, blood, suffering, pain.
The installation consists of nine, four-meter glass tubes, which are enclosed by raw wooden structures connected by threaded rods. The glass tubes are filled with a chemiluminescent liquid, which at programmed intervals change intensity and colour ( the spectrum limited to red derivatives ), creating the impression that the object breathes and is alive. The program is coded so that the “breath” is irregular, grading from anxiously accelerated to calm, regular breathing. The chemiluminescent fluid is the invention of Denis Havlena and Jakub Spacek.

Material: simax glass, UV light, chemiluminescent liquid, wood, steel
Height: 4000 mm

Design: Jiri Krejcirik

/not realized

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