The chandelier for a private residence, nicely reconstructed villa in Prague.

We respected a mood of the interior which has a touch of ‘20s & ´30s and is a great mixture of the First Czechoslovak Republic aesthetic and contemporary art pieces which the owner of the residence collects. Mouth-blown matte glass shaders and hand-cut elements in combination with aluminium construction.

helena lighting object chandelier site specific residence prague jiri krejcirik rony plesl studio 4 helena-lighting-object-chandelier-for-private-residence-in-the-prague-designed-by-rony-plesl-and-jiri-krejcirik-3 helena-lighting-object-chandelier-for-private-residence-in-the-prague-designed-by-rony-plesl-and-jiri-krejcirik-2 helena-lighting-object-chandelier-for-private-residence-in-the-prague-designed-by-rony-plesl-and-jiri-krejcirik-1

Material: mouth-blown glass, mouth-blown, hand cut glass elements, coated brass

Design: Rony Plesl in cooperation with Jiri Krejcirik

Hand-crafted in Czech Republic.